Poll Event

Crisp Team Barometer: https://blog.crisp.se/2014/01/30/jimmyjanlen/team-barometer-self-evaluation-tool
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    1: Members rarely speak their mind. We avoid conflicts. Discussions are tentative and polite.
    5: We have the courage to be honest with each other. We don’t hesitate to engage in constructive conflicts.
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    1: Work is done individually. Little or no collaboration within the team or with other teams.
    5: The teamcross-pollinates, sharing perspectives, context and innovations with other teams, and other parts of the organization.
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    1: We rarely praise each other or give feedback or criticize each other for acting irresponsibly or breaking our Working Agreement.
    5: We give positive feedback, but also call out one another’s deficiencies and unproductive behaviors.
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    Meeting Engagement
    1: Many feels like prisoners in the meeting. Only a few participate in discussions.
    5: People are engaged in meetings. They want to be there. Discussions are passionate.
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    1: We don’t have real consensus about our goals. We don’t really buy in to the plan or follow up that people keep their commitments.
    5: We commit to our plans and hold each other accountable for doing our best to reach our goals and execute assigned action points.
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    1: We don’t focus on questioning our process or way of working. If someone asked us to prove that we’ve gotten better we have no clue how we would demonstrate that.
    5: We passionately strive to figure out how to work better and more efficiently as a team. We try to “know” if we get better.
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    Mutually Responsible
    1: When we fail we try to figure out who did what wrong. When we succeed we celebrate individuals. If we pay attention to it at all…
    5: We feel mutually responsible for achieving our goals. We win and fail as a team.
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    1: When we run into problems or dependencies we alert managers, ask for their help, and then wait.
    5: We go out of our way to unblock ourselves when we run into impediments or dependencies.
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    1: We feel ashamed of our pace and the quality of our results.
    5: We feel pride in our work and what we accomplish.
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    1: We don’t really know each other or what makes others “tick”.
    5: Team members spend time and effort building strong relationships among themselves, as well with partners outside the team.
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    1: We act as pawns in a game of chess. We don’t demand involvement in defining our goals and destiny.
    5: We engage in defining our own goals and take ownership of our destiny.
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    1: People do stuff under the radar and often forget to share news or relevant information.
    5: We share what we know and learn. No one withholds information that affects the team.
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    Boosts each other
    1: We don’t know in which areas people want to grow. We have trouble collaborating since we are very different and view things differently.
    5: We unleash each other’s passion and care for each other’s personal development. We leverage our differences.
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    1: The team feels like a diverse group of people with different goals and loyalties that lies elsewhere.
    5: No one has hidden agendas. We feel that everyone’s loyalty is with THIS team.
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    1: People just come to work for 8 hours and focus on their own tasks.
    5: Each member wants THIS team to be great and successful.
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    1: Our behaviors, collaboration and communication fall apart when we get stressed.
    5: We honor our processes and working agreements even when we are put under pressure.

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